N&W Vancouver E-Session

Like “Sleepless Seattle”, they met, connected, and have engaged in beautiful VanCity.

They purposely choose to have their e-session in Vancouver; to bring different excitement through picture sharing with their friends and families on their wedding day in Taiwan.

It is a two-day marathon on two different weekends. One day is pre-wedding style with more formal and glamour outfits. Another day is in casual style to have fun as having a day trip in Steveston, Richmond.

We purposely choose a specific landmark area to bring the best of Vancouver to them to bring back to Asia. Therefore, Stanley park is one of the must-to-go destinations on your shooting list.

Our bride is fortunate to arrive most beautiful spring season in British Columbia right before the flower season end. We are so excited to bring the soft and romantic cheery flower into the photographs for this lovely couple.

And our luck is not only that. We also catch the right moment before the day turns into the dark with all the light turned on in the historical classic Gastown.

It is always my pleasure to witness and capture the beauty within each bride and groom. And honour to practice my profession to create special happiness for every lover to cherish forever long.

To Wayne, my dear friend. I am happy you look up to me to be your photographer. It means a lot to me. In return, I am delivering you my sincere blessing through every photograph

You are talented in many ways. And you are certainly the luckiest guy to win your gorgeous wife’s heart. You better treat her well with meticulous care. Else, there will be many friends who are going to look up to you. L

I am looking forward to seeing you two soon in Vancouver. And capture your wonderful wedding banquet in Vancouver. See you two in a few weeks

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